Juicy Roasted Chicken

This is a super simple recipe but very tasty. Allow 2 hours to make this to fully cook and rest the chicken for 30 minutes before serving.

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Ginisang Ampalaya in Peanut Sauce

This is the only bitter gourd I will eat because of the rich peanut sauce. I asked someone to try and didn’t like it so be warned. Some may find the peanut butter-bitter gourd concept too much to handle.

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Kilayin is a Kapampangan dish an aunt used to cook for us whenever she visited us when I was little. I met another Kapampangan in Canada and got this recipe from her.

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Embutido is Filipino-style meatloaf. If you get invited to go to a town fiesta, birthday or any celebration, you would probably see this on the buffet table.

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Sweet Crumbs was a domain intended for a cake blog/business for a close relative that did not materialize for her. I liked the domain anyway so I decided to use it.

This is a blog for recipes I tried or planning to try. I am not a chef. This is a placeholder for all those small pieces of paper I used to hurriedly scribble recipes from friends, HGTV or Food Network shows or from memory.


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